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Italian Food ~ Fresh and Fast Daily! Everything Homemade.... Just like Mama used to make! Real Italian Comfort Foods Made from Scratch Daily. Lunch and Dinner ~ 727-204-8762

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Café 100 Survey

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your patronage of Café 100!
Everyone always made us feel so welcome.
In an effort to continually provide you with the highest level of service,
 We would like hear your feedback regarding the following survey items:

If you could add any item(s) to our menu, what would it be?__________________________
What is your favorite fountain drink?____________________________________________
Do you have a preference of Coke or Pepsi?______________________________________
Please list your favorites of the following bottled beverages:
Energy Drink(s)_____________________________________________________________
Flavored Water:_____________________________________________________________

Please list your favorites of the following snack items:
Bagel Flavor(s):_____________________________________________________________
Muffin Flavors(s):___________________________________________________________
Type of Cookies:____________________________________________________________
Dessert Item(s):_____________________________________________________________
Type of Chips:______________________________________________________________
Type of Candy Bar(s):________________________________________________________

Please list your favorites of the following items:
Type of Gourmet Salad(s)_____________________________________________________
Hot Family Comfort Food(s):__________________________________________________
Type of Vegetable(s):________________________________________________________
Type of Soup(s):____________________________________________________________
Vegetarian Item(s):__________________________________________________________

Please provide any other suggestions that would help us to
enhance your dining experience at Café 100:________________________________________________________________

If you would like to receive our Daily Gourmet Chef Specials by email, please give us your email address
and we’ll add you to our list:_______________________________________

Thanks so much for taking the time to complete our survey!
We value your opinion and constantly strive to provide the best quality of food and customer service.
~Chef Bill Higbee and the Café 100 Staff